Protecting solutions

Known for our proven expertise in integration and superior protection of goods, you can be confident knowing that whether your choice is air-cushions or paper, we have put your productivity as our focus.

Superior Protection



Efficient, Effective, Sustainable -
The complete solution

FROMM’s ongoing presence providing for a diverse range of industries has ensured that we’ve never stopped innovating!

In order to supply you with the optimum protection for all of your goods, we currently offer two main types of protective packaging materials:

  • Air-cushions made of either plastic films (recycled or biodegradable) or our latest innovation, a paper based air-cushion
  • Crumpled paper, 100% recycled, effective for heavy products and products with sharp edges

As FROMM has continuously developed over the years, we are confident in offering the best machinery available to suit the size and layout of your packing line, whether it be centralised or remote, one station or multi pack stations.

Your packers productivity is our priority which is why we work hard to ensure that all of your specific needs and objectives are met through your chosen packaging solution.


Please complete the contact request on the right so we can ensure that we can deliver all the information you are looking for quickly. You will be contacted by the appropriate FROMM office in your area.

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