FS380 Low

Based on the standard FS380 wrapping machine, the FS380Low is equipped with an Ultra Low (25mm) turntable. This enables you to place and remove your pallets with the greatest of ease with just a simple pallet truck. With its short ramps, it fits perfectly in most small locations with little room to maneuver.

    Mast heights
  • 2500 - 3700 mm
    Turntable dimensions
  • 1650 mm
    Film carriages
  • Magnetic brake or
    1- or 2-motor pre-stretch
Easy Operation


FROMM Turntable stretch wrapping machines, occupy a separate place at the top of the world of pallet stretch wrapping. Their high level of innovation and reliability, means that they perform at the highest level already for decades. All designed for Easy operation and smart working at the lowest possible Total Costs of Ownership.

  • Extreme Low (25 mm) Ø 1650 mm turntable
  • 1 – 3 short ramps for a 3 way approach
  • Standard mast heights from 2500 – 3700 mm
  • Options including Film cutting, Roping, Top-presses
  • Selection of 3 different Film stretch units

Applications and industries

The construction and easy operation of the FS380Low wrapping machine makes it a popular partner in smaller packaging locations with limited space and a wide variety of pallets and operators. The choice of different types of film stretching units and associated programming, offers the possibility to select the combination of film, stretching unit and program that best fits your pallets & products. Resulting in an undisturbed process with the most reliable packaging at the lowest possible TCO. Our wrapping specialists will be happy to help you find the best solution.

The FS380Low Solution particularly suits smaller shipping locations within e-commerce, logistics, parts service and repair centers, contract packaging, electronics and household appliances, chemicals, tableware, luxury products, art, paper and printing.


The table below gives you all key factors of this very reliable and durable device that gives everyone who works with it a secure and familiar feeling.

Mast heightStandard: 2500 mm / Optional: up to 3700 mm
Turntable1650 mm
Max. pallet weight1200 kg
Control panelStandard: OP1 / OP2 with 99 programs
CarriageStandard magnetic brake C4 / One-motor pre-stretch C6 & C7
Pre-stretchStandard up to 100 % / Sleigh C6 150/200/250% / Sleigh C7 up to 350%
Film thicknessC4: up to 100 % / C6: 150, 200 or 250% / C7: up to 350%
OptionsCutting device / String formation / Top press / Additional roll holder / Remote control


If you want to orient yourself further, we invite you to download one or more copies of the current product information here. You can of course also choose to ask your information request via the contact information form.

Brochure FS380L

Product brochure


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