OMC-R Series

OMC-R series wrapping machines, belong to a different branch of the sport than traditional vertical or horizontal wrapping machines. They are specially developed for wrapping coils of paper, ferrous or non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites, etc. Due to their modular construction, they can work in- or off-line.

    Machine type
  • Fully automatic
  • Reel Wrapping
    Packaging material
  • Stretch Film
Premium class


The OMC-R series coil wrapping machines, like all Octomeca products, have a modular design and are widely recognized for their high reliability and long service life. From the start in 1989, Octomeca develops and builds film wrapping machines from the small to the largest in the world.
The machines from the OMC-R series offer an extensive range of options and possibilities, making them perfect as a stand-alone wrapping station or fully integrated in a coiling line. They can be equipped with a rotating arm for axial wrapping or with a linear moving head for radial wrapping. During the wrapping process, the roll is rotated on a roller table, which may be part of the machine assembly. For full integration, the radial wrapping head can also be integrated into the customer’s (existing) coiling-line or other associated equipment.
Time and again, local and large multinational customers speak their preference for an Octomeca solution. With the knowledge, innovative strength and passion of the Octomeca people, there is always a suitable wrapping solution for your products.

Applications and industries

The high level of technology, intelligence, quality and reliability makes the Octomeca machines ideally suited for large production volumes up to continuous operation. Partly due to their modular construction and many options, the Octomeca products can be flexibly adapted to any customer demand at a very competitive price and within a very acceptable delivery time. In addition, the modular structure offers the advantage that worldwide exactly the same constellation can be supplied to different locations. In addition to high system reliability, Octomeca’s Lifecycle Care service program, supported ┬áby the worldwide FROMM organization, offers extra security for a long and uninterrupted service life. Partly because of this, Octomeca products have a high acceptance value worldwide, within the furniture and wood industry, insulation and building materials, paper industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, …


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