Pneumatically powered, reliable and maintenance-friendly 2-in-1, seal less tool. The perfect solution for production lines or in case electrical powered tools must not or cannot be used. Easy setting and locking, for correct and consistent secured packages and selecting manual or semi-automatic mode.

    Strap qualities
  • Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP), plain and embossed
    Strap dimensions
  • 12.7 - 16.0 x 0.40 - 1.05
    1/2 - 5/8" x .016 - .041"
    Strap tension
  • 600- 2500 N (adjustable)
    Sealing type
  • Sealless, Friction weld sealing
    Max. air pressure
  • 5.5 - 6.0 bar / 80 - 87 psi
  • 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs
Unsurpassed Quality
Advanced Design
Extremely Durable


The FROMM P357 is a reliable, sealless all-round industrial Strapping Tool, based on proven FROMM technology. Due to its well balanced construction and the ergonomically positioned control buttons – allowing single hand operation, it can conveniently be used in all kinds of vertical and horizontal strapping applications. The operator can, for his own convenience and to optimize it to the job, chose to operate the tool in Manual or Semi-Automatic mode. After setting the right tension force and welding/cooling time, it can be locked for a consistent strapping result. Its robust and durable design, with a minimum of wearing parts, results in the well known reliable FROMM quality, with an unsurpassed long tool live. Excellent tool for applications where electrical strapping tools cannot or may not be used.


  • Single hand operation tool
  • Select the operation mode that best fits to your job; manual (2-buttons) or semi-automatic (1-button)
  • Easy strap threading – both straps are inserted together
  • Strap tension can be set and blocked for correct and consistent secured packages
  • Seal time is easy to adjust, to get the best possible seal efficiency
  • To warrant an optimal seal cooling time, the signalisation pin shows you the end of each strapping cycle
  • Pneumatically powered, very reliable and maintenance-friendly
  • This tool is ideal for a wide variety of vertical and horizontal strapping positions, suitable for almost all applications in various industries
  • The perfect solution in case electrical powered tools, for safety or technical reasons, must not or cannot be used
  • The compressed air can be connected to the tool either on top of the main housing or at the rear end
  • For packages with a rough and hard surface, a bottom-base waering plate is available as accessory
  • In cases where soft packages are to be strapped, a plastic bottom-base protection plate is available


The table below gives you all key factors of this very reliable and durable device that gives everyone who works with it a secure and familiar feeling.

Strapping QualitiesPolyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP), plain and embossed
Strapping Dimensionswidth 12.7 – 16.0 mm / thickness 0.40 – 1.05 mm / .016 – .041"
Weight incl. 4.0 Ah battery5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs
Tool size with 4.0 Ah batteryL350 x W133 x H135 mm / 13.78" x 5.2" x 5.3"
Type of sealSealless, Friction weld sealing
Average seal strengthapprox. 75% (dependent on the strap quality)
Tension force600 – 1300 N, 135 – 292 lbs / 1200 - 2500 N, 270 - 562 lbs (adjustable)
Tension speedapprox. 165 mm/s / 104 mm/s - See chart of types
Max. air pressure5.5 - 6.0 bar / 80 - 87 psi
Air consumption60 NI/min - 2.1 cu.ft/min Max. pressure drop of 0.5 bar / 7.25 psi
Suspension bracketsupplied with the tool


Pictures say more than a thousand words. Download one of our videos and let yourself be convinced of the ease of use and reliability of the device and the end result = good and reliable strapping that allows your product to be transported safely.


If you want to orient yourself further, we invite you to download one or more copies of the current product information here. You can of course also choose to ask your information request via the contact information form.

Datasheet P357

Product datasheet

Flyer P357

Product flyer

Brochure Pneumatic Tools

Product brochure


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