The PM 308 is an economic model automatic strapping machine for wide strapping (8 - 15.5 mm). With proven quality and competitive price, it is the most cost effective solution for wide strapping general purpose application.

    Strap qualities
  • Polypropylene (PP)
    Strapping dimensions
  • 8.0 - 15.5 x 0.55 - 0.70 mm
  • 220 kg


PM308 is an economic automatic strapping machine for PP strapping. With the proven quality and competitive price, it is the most cost effective solution for general applications.

Main features

CE certified
Proven quality
Competitive price
Bundles and cartons can be strapped very easily and quickly
User-friendly and easy strap coil change
Easy operation, simple maintenance
Mechanical outside tension control
Tension can be easily set with a dial
Mobile, on wheels with brakes
Short feed sensor and foot switch included


The table below gives you all key factors of this very reliable and durable device that gives everyone who works with it a secure and familiar feeling.

Strapping QualitiesPolypropylene (PP)
Strapping Dimensions8.0 - 15.5 x 0.55 - 0.70 mm
Strap tension100 - 700 N (adjustable)
Strapping head typeheat welding
Power supply230V/50Hz, 1 phase
Power consumption1.2 kWh
DimensionL 1430 x W 620 x H 810 mm
Weight220 kg
Standard arch size850 x 600 mm
Strapping speed2.2 sec./cycle


Pictures say more than a thousand words. Download one of our videos and let yourself be convinced of the ease of use and reliability of the device and the end result = good and reliable strapping that allows your product to be transported safely.


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Product flyer

Datasheet PM308

Product datasheet


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