Strapping machine AM

While it may seem simple, good strapping is a profession. Every product and package type requires knowledge of strap properties and strapping techniques. FROMM has developed and refined this knowledge since 1947 and incorporated it into all its strapping products.

    Machine type
  • Fully automatic
  • Top, Bottom, Side, Vertical
    Strap quality
  • Steel Strapping
    Strap dimensions
  • 9.5 - 32 mm


FROMM Automated Strapping Solutions offer a multitude of system designs and applications. They are available for processing steel strapping (AM), plastic strapping (PM) or combinations thereof. For strapping heavy or light, flat, round or irregular packages. With or without pallets. They can easily be integrated into or placed with existing or new packaging lines for applying packaging straps in various directions. In addition, the closure, with or without a seal, can be placed on the top, bottom or side of the package. An extensive option package ensures that FROMM automatic strapping systems offer a suitable solution for every strapping question.

FROMM strapping systems, with their advanced, powerful and strong strapping heads, are recognized worldwide for their efficiency and reliability. With their high level of innovation, intelligence and durability FROMM strapping systems perform at the highest possible level. They are designed to work smart, efficient and safe. Ready to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and add value to any logistics packaging process.

The choice is yours:

  • Steel (AM) and or Plastic (PM) strapping. For 10 up to 32 mm wide strap
  • Horizontal and vertical strapping
  • Cross or in length strapping (in-line or off-line)
  • With Seal, Seal less or Spotwelding
  • Round, flat, square, narrow, long, short, high, irregular packages
  • Single or multiple heads, with tension forces up to 7,000N plastic and 18,000N steel strap
  • Retrofits from steel to plastic strap
  • Modular built machines, tailored to the job.
  • Stand alone or (fully) integrated
  • Wide choice of standard options, like robotized or traditional allocation of corner protectors, top, side and bottom bunks, Presses and stabilizers, telescopic and fixed arches, swords, …..
  • Dispensers for standard, Jumbo or Super Jumbo Coils. Both for steel or plastic strap
  • All kinds of additions, like (label)printing, weighing, turn tables for cross strapping, conveyors, various Photelectric cells, low temperature kits, remote controls, service-modems, film applying systems, including stretch and top sheets.
  • Lifecycle Care and Visual Assistance service concepts, provide FROMM users, worldwide support in preventive maintenance and fast service at the lowest possible cost. Focused on a carefree, optimal availability and long service life of FROMM systems.

Applications and industries

Whether a high or low production capacity is required, a clean or highly polluted environment, dry or damp, low or high temperatures, reliability is the key word. FROMM AM & PM Automated Strapping Solutions are modular built and tailored to their respective jobs. For many decades they perform under the most severe and variable conditions, supported by their robust construction, intelligent and state of the art technology, they will apply safe straps in a secure and consistent process. They are ideally suitable and reliable for automated  packaging lines in an endless number of industries, like: e-commerce, wood & timer products, baling, contract packaging, building products, pavers, logistics, glass, corrugated, cans & bottles, ferrous and non-ferrous metals (sheets, profiles, tubes, bars and coils), cables and wire, parts service centers, electronics and household appliances, chemicals, paper and printing, cleaning products, panels, agricultural and horticultural products.

FROMM automated strapping solutions are designed to add value to any packaging process. For more information visit the website of FROMM Automation.


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