Stretch film

Stretch film is often chosen on the basis of price per kilo because of its low price point. Whilst most films look the same, there are important performance differences that define the result.



Added Value


  • Hand and machine films, in various qualities for different applications
  • Single and multi-layer films – 1, 3, 7, >24 layers
  • Thicknesses: 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 23, 30, >35 micron
  • Standard or pre-stretched films
  • Traditional, recycled and biodegradable films
  • High and low punction resistant – ridged and soft
  • Film widths: 450, 500, 600 and 1000 mm
  • Cores carton, plastic or coreless. With a diameter of 70 mm
  • Colors: transparent, white (UV), blue, black. Other basic colors like red, yellow, green, etc. upon demand.


The choice of the right stretch wrapping film strongly depends on the product to be packaged and the intended function of the film. 

Where stability and protection against dirt and moisture play a role in horizontal wrapping of pallets, mechanical protection of the product is an important additional objective in vertical wrapping.

Ultimately, it is essential for every supplier that their products arrive at their destination safely and undamaged – this is also our priority at FROMM.

Unfortunately, we notice that stretch film, as a logistics end packaging, is often not the first priority for our customers and that the cheapest film per kilo is chosen. Likewise, the accompanying machine is often the final piece in a budget. 

Practice and statistics show that when using a cheap film and or machine, often between 20% and 50% more weight of film is used. This later leads to a higher cost of ownership.

Applications and industries

With a well-packaged product on delivery, you already send a better message to your customer than a disassembled or overturned load. The first step towards a well-packaged product starts with choosing the right combination; machine and film, tailored to the product.

Because the production and application of films, just like with wrapping machines, requires specific knowledge, the FROMM / Octomeca group works closely together with leading film manufacturers worldwide. This enables us to offer you an excellent solution, for a multitude of products. Not only to comply with the EUMOS guidelines, but also to minimise your risk and to raise your Total Value of Ownership, to the highest possible level.

Stretch film

Wrapping consumables

Material: LLDPE
Quality: Hand/Machine grade
Version: Normal/Pre Stretch


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