Plastic strapping (PET)

The high performance strapping with STARstrap™ Polyester strap is characterised by excellent tensile strength, edge strength and seal efficiency as well as remarkable shock absorption. Ensuring trouble-free strapping process and for reliable protection of goods.




The modern Polyester strapping system offers many advantages

STARstrap™ Polyester strapping offers excellent mechanical features such as hig breaking strength, outstanding elongation and perfect tension retaining capabilities.

These characteristics result in:

  • no damage or contamination of packaged goods (corrosion-resistant)
  • high shock absorption in case of impacts during transportation
  • less pressure on edged of the package
  • perfect and individual secured packages
  • strap tension remains tight in cases where package may shrink during storage or transportation
  • substitution of steel strapping by STARstrap™ Polyester strapping allows the use of a strap with less breaking strength
  • reduction of material costs (up to 50 %)
  • less injury risks in case of strapping breakages
  • easy and clean handling compared to steel strapping

STARstrap™ Polyester Strap Performance

Depending on protective requirements for transport of goods there are four product groups:

STARstrap™ ECO-S

Lightweight and resource-saving strap, which meets requirements for full protection and holding strength of transported goods despite of lower material usage. STARstrap™ Eco-S is available in the range of 9-19 mm width and 0.6 -1.27 mm thickness. It can be used for a wide range of application: strapping paper, cardboard, cans, plastic products, packages of different timber and wood products.

STARstrap™ Plus

This type of strap is particularly suited for complete automatic strapping applications. It’s distinguished for its high joining quality and good edge stability. In many cases STARstrap™ Plus is for strapping of:

– Sharp-edged and heavier packages in metal and construction industry
– Heavy bundles in timber industry

It’s also applicable in high-speed strapping process. STARstrap™ Plus is available in a range of 9-32 mm width and 0.5-1.27 mm thickness. It’s increasingly used for conversion from steel strap to PET strap. Especially wider strap often replaces additional edge protection. STARStrap™ Plus is obtainable with embossed and smooth surface.


It’s a high performance strap for special requirements regarding tensile strength and seal efficiency. It can replace high-strength steel strap in heavy applications, especially in the metal industry. STARStrap™ ULTRA is available in the range from 19 x 1.27 to 32 x 1.27.

Special STARstrap™ strap types

Some applications in metal and glass industry require exceptional specifications of strap. STARstrap™ ULTRA-H is highest performance strap for very heavy, partly very long metal packages. It fulfils extremely demands of seal efficiency and tensile strength. Despite of its high resilience it demonstrate unsurpassed elasticity. STARstrap™ ULTRA-G is especially made for float glass packed in “picture frames”. Due to its very good tensile strength and excellent shock reserve STARstrap™ ULTRA-G secures transport of float glass in best possible way. STARstrap™ ULTRA-B is in turn an outstanding combination of resilience and elasticity and special made for baling industry. On one hand it resists high expansion pressure of bales, on the other hand it fixes the bales in defined sizes.

STARstrap™ is available as normal coil (20 kg), Jumbo-coil (75 kg), Super-Jumbo-coil (120 kg) and Super-Super-Jumbo-coil (300 kg). STARstrap™ strap coils are suitable for all types of dispensers.

Production plants for Polyester Strapping

STARstrap™ is manufactured on state of the art extrusion lines in four different plants in Europe, Asia, North and South America equipped with quality control- and test machinery ensuring high standard of quality.

FROMM produces all sizes of strap guaranteeing a perfect performance of its tools and strapping machines. Extensive warehouses, professional logistic operations, technical service just around the corner and well-educated and committed staff allow FROMM to respond to market needs quickly.

Production and Quality process

STARstrap™ is environmental friendly, recyclable, free of pollution and in compliance of REACH regulations, European Packaging directive 94/62/EC and other international standards against environmental pollution.

All FROMM production facilities are certificated in accordance with ISO EN 9001: 2015, ISO EN 14001: 2015. German production and recycling plants are certificated in accordance with ISO EN 50001: 2018 (energy management).

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Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

STARstrap™ is made of 96% recycled PET (together with additives and colour batches). The bulk of this raw material is manufactured in FROMM owned plastics recycling plant Texplast GmbH in Germany.

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Plastic strapping (PET)

Material: PET
Quality: Eco-S/Plus/Ultra
Version: Coils/Jumbo


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