Production of plastic products

Production of plastic strapping and Airpad film

The commercial success of plastic packaging materials is due to a combination of flexibility, strength, lightweight, stability and barrier properties. Guided by the principle of the circular economy, FROMM produces its PET, PP & Cord strapping and HDPE Airpad films, at different locations around the world.

Our production facilities

  • FROMM Plastics GmbH – Kölleda (Germany)
    • Production of STARstrap™ PET-packaging strapping, made of <98% recycled PET bottles
    • Production of HDPE, Recycled and Bio-degradable Airpad™ films
  • FROMM Chile SA – Santiago (Chile)
    • Production of STARstrap™  PET-packaging strapping, made of <98% recycled PET bottles
  • FROMM Plastics Asia – Bangkok (Thailand)
    • Production of STARstrap™  PET-packaging strapping, made of <98% recycled PET bottles
  • US Strapping Co. Inc. – Lancaster SC (USA)
    • Production of PET-packaging strapping
    • Production of PP-packaging strapping
    • Production of Cord strapping


An increasing demand for PET strapping and a rapidly growing popularity of FROMM strapping equipment made FROMM decide to start its own production of PET strapping. In 2001 FROMM Plastics GmbH was founded in Kölleda, Germany. The initial capacity of 3000 tons of its STARstrap™ PET strap, has grown over the years to a production of more than 30’000 tons today. Soon the combination of FROMM equipment with FROMM STARstrap PET strap proved so successful that FROMM Chile SA and FROMM Asia were founded in quick succession. Most recently, US strapping Co. Inc. (USA) was added. With this set-up, not only the production capacity is multiplied, but also the knowledge of plastic products and production. As is the case with all other production activities of the FROMM group, sustainability is a leading factor, in addition to innovation, energy conservation, quality, state of the art production facilities and working conditions. Wherever possible, FROMM products are wholly or partly produced from recycled raw materials. In turn, they can be fully recycled again, completing the loop.

Applications and industries

Today, PET STARstrap ™ is already, for over 95% of applications, the proven better alternative to traditional steel strap. Its flexibility, elasticity, lightweight and tensile strength make PET strapping a safe and, in most cases, cost-effective alternative. Initially used as a replacement for steel strapping in lightweight and softer applications, it has now evolved into heavy-duty applications in the metal, construction and wood industries. The combination of a producer of strapping equipment, machines and PET strap, made FROMM to a leading party in this development.

The same actually applies to its Airpad products. In the late 1990s FROMM was one of the pioneers of air cushions as a filler in boxes. Now, more than 20 years later, she still belongs to the world top. In addition to standard films in various thicknesses, FROMM offers recycled and biodegradable Airpad films for its line of Airpad machines.

Thanks to its combination of equipment and consumables, supplemented by years of knowledge and experience, FROMM always offers an excellent solution.


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