FROMM donates the soccer youth in Malawi

FROMM and Grasshoppers Zurich donate team shirts and matching football accessories from the 2017/18 Season to the soccer youth in Malawi.

Every year, professional soccer clubs such as the Swiss Grasshoppers Zurich, renew their team clothing. For several consecutive years now, the shirts and the accompanying accessories of the previous season are donated by Grasshoppers and FROMM to the soccer youth and their teams in Malawi.


On July 16, Grasshoppers Zurich presented its new team shirts to the public, clearly displaying the FROMM logo as their main sponsor. Now that the shirts from the season 2017/18 are no longer used by the Grasshoppers, as in previous years, they are sent to Malawi, The Zikomo Foundation – Play Football Malawi, to support their young soccer players and teams.

As we all know, Malawi is a very poor country and these kids there are very happy to get some attractive
shirts from Europe. They play their matches with our shirts and obviously the FROMM name gets to be
known. We do not sell the FROMM products in Malawi (yet), however it is still quite nice to see the girls
and boys wearing the shirts with our FROMM logo on them.

FROMM has been the main sponsor of Grasshoppers since 2015.

Grasshoppers Zurich
Founded in 1886 by the English student Tom E. Griffith, Grasshopper Club Zurich soon became the most
important polysporting club in Switzerland. Particularly successful is the football section, with a palmaris of 27 Swiss championship titles, 19 Cups victories and 8 doubles at the top of the eternal ranking of the
highest division of the country.

The Zikomo Foundation – Play Football Malawi
A non-profit foundation headquartered in Switzerland. As a development aid organization, the Zikomo Foundation in Malawi is committed to disadvantaged children and adolescents. At the Zikomo Foundation, we not only watch, but grab. We make a difference in the lives of many people with our work. We do not just talk about the distress but we trade. There is so much that is not right in this world but we believe that we can make a difference on a small scale. Simon Holdener first founded Play Football Malawi and then the Zikomo Foundation.

“Since 2012 we have been working to ensure that 100,000 children in Malawi have access to education,
healthy food and sport. Malawian children should have hope and perspectives so that they can take
their future into their own hands. “

– Simon Holdener, founder