Next generation of battery powered plastic strapping tools

We are proud to announce the launch of our new generation of battery operated plastic strapping tools equipped with the modern Lithium-Ion battery technology and a reinforced 18 Volt motor.   The new tools are sold as models P318, P326 and P327 replacing the former P319, P324 and P325 tools.












The Lithium-Ion batteries offer a higher capacity (more strap cycles per charge) and are environment friendler than the former NiCd battery technology. Most of the mechanical sections are identical with the former models and have proved to be highly reliable in the market place.

We believe that with our new models we have an excellent product line for serving most customer needs and a high variety of applications. We would like to point out that all our new tools meet the European safety regulation EN 415-8!


• Complies with the European Safety Regulations EN 415-8
• New reinforced 18V motor
• Li-Ion battery technology
• Very high capacity of up to 600 strap cycles per battery load
(dependent on strap quality and dimension)
• Battery protection
• Simple one-handed operation
• Very high tension force with adjustable tension speed
• Tension force and sealing time adjustable


For further information please download the respective leaflet or datasheet. (Links below)

Marketing Material:

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Datasheet_P318 [101 KB]
Datasheet_P326 [104 KB]
Datasheet_P327 [99 KB]