Paving Products

The Paving products industry is characterized by its often difficult abrasive production environment with sand, dust, water and cement. All under varying temperatures and humidity levels. This demands a lot from the equipment, the machines and maintenance. Practice shows FROMM products performing excellently here.



Optimal fit

Decades of experience

We at FROMM, divide paving products into three main segments; Natural stone, Ceramic and Concrete as every of these segments asks for a specific method of packaging to protect it from damaging during transport and handling. Where pavers can be stacked and strapped or wrapped in large packs, tiles, due to their size and weight, may require the extra protection of wooden frames. All asking a different approach in the packaging process. With its unique strapping tools, strapping machines for its STARstrap™ PET strap and film wrapping machines, FROMM offers an attractive solution for all kinds of circumstances

Thinking globally, acting effectively locally, with over 40 FROMM sales and service centres worldwide, we can help you through your tough work environment with excellent logistics and service with our systems. All with the aim of providing a better service, at no extra cost.

Targeted solutions, that best fit your needs

FROMM designs, produces and services the following FROMM products and systems for the Paving products industry:

  • Strapping tools and Automated Strapping Systems – Semi and fully Automated Octomeca™ Stretch wrapping machines
  • FROMM STARstrap™ PET-strap, Quickstrap™ PP strap or Uniflex™ and Ultraflex™ Steel strap
  • Stretch films in a great variety of thicknesses and qualities


Please complete the contact request on the right so we can ensure that we can deliver all the information you are looking for quickly. You will be contacted by the appropriate FROMM office in your area.

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