Economic and environmental advantages

Airpad protective material consists of  99% air and 1% film. The savings over competitive systems are from 30% to  50%. Airpad is clean, free of dust and reusable. In the event of disposal it represents a minimum amount of waste and can be recycled.

Less material, less weight and less storage space result in lower costs and substantial overall savings. Airpad is the economical and environmental alternative.

Weight comparison




The chart shows that the Airpad system is 6.6 times less in weight than packaging systems using paper and twice less in weight than loose fill systems.

Major freight savings are most likely to be realized.

Void-filling volume is made out of two rolls of flat film


Optimal Product Protection – when compared with traditional packaging alternatives Airpad gives you far more superior product protection. Film thicknesses are available to withstand static loads exceeding 300 kg.

Time & space efficient – with FROMM boxed materials there is less reloading and reduced lifting. There is no expensive storage required as the cushioning materials are ‘on demand’ therefore transportation costs are also eliminated.

Opportunity for branding – You can even have your company logo or a message printed* on the pads to enhance your image and product presentation.

Simple and environmentally-friendly – The entire volume of an air pillow can be shrunk to just 1% of its original size upon deflation, the remaining film can be easily recycled.

Safe, clean and convenient – Items protected by FROMM Airpad eliminates the need for other type of cumbersome polystyrene loose fill, reduces waste and lowers returns for breakages.

Flexible – Airpads are available in many sizes and thicknesses and adapt instantly to your packing needs, the pads are stretchable therefore less risk of perforation or bursting when transporting goods.

Lightweight – With air pads you are simply shipping ‘air’ therefore you pay none of the costs associated with other packaging materials such as paper and polystyrene.

User friendly – easy tear perforations also making it adaptable for many products to be safely packaged.