FROMM sustainable solutions

At FROMM, our innovative technologies, manufacturing processes and industry-leading products all work to benefit the environment – all over the world. We actively strive to develop and produce better products for a better planet.




Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Our vision

– Reduced resource consumption by better efficiency
– Reuse of products
– Recycling and conversion of materials

Our commitment

FROMM is committed to using environmentally friendly resources where possible.

>> Sustainability Charter FROMM Group


In our facilities we are continuosly working on further reducing the environmental impact of our activities being responsible corporate citizens with our facilities and manufacturing processes. That’s why we’ve implemented a range of eco-friendly effort and projects that include the following:

  • Controlled water circulation
  • Use of waste heat for internal heating
  • Reduction of noise and dust
  • Use of solar energy
  • “Zero” waste processing
  • Environmental certification


FROMM products are continuously developed and produced to be able to deliver the highest possible performance with the least possible amount of material, using the latest state of the art technology.

  • Polyester Strap: 98% recycled material
  • Airpad cushions: 99% filled with air
  • Recycled, biodegradable & paper film
  • Stretch wrapping: Pre-Stretch <= 400%
  • FROMM tools: Durable and long-lasting
  • Machines and tools: Use of recycled elements
  • Closed loop bottle-to-bottle recycling
  • REACH free and RoHS compliant


FROMM STARstrap™ polyester straps are 100% recyclable. They are made from high-quality re-granulates and agglomerates of returned used and PET bottles, which are converted into recyclate, suitable for production, the so-called Flakes, in modern recycling processes. Exceeding the highest ecological industry standards.

FROMM is committed to the structured recycling of PET waste into its valuable recyclable STARstrap™ packaging straps.

FROMM Sustainability Strategy

Product design and services, for optimal durability and recyclability

  • STARstrap™ PET strap – 98% recycled PET bottles, 100% recyclable
  • STARstrap™ Eco-S PET strap, using up to 25% less base materials
  • HDPE Airpad™ films, 25 – 65 microns – up to 60% recyclate, 100% recyclable or Bio-degradable
  • Airpad™ systems – producing Airpads, containing up to 99% air
  • Stretch wrapping systems – for 8 – 23 micron films with up to 400% stretch capability
  • Tools and Machines – modular built for easy reuse or recycling. Smart design using state of the art materials and techniques, for a long low maintenance service life and low energy consumption. With a minimal need for lubricants.
  • Lifecycle Care – on-line remote monitoring, including system performance monitoring, software updates and service support (visual or via modem), for extra system reliability, simple and fast service. No unnecessary travel.
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