FROMM service concept

Our family business now has over 40 sales and service offices spread across the globe, which means we can keep close to our customers wherever they are. Close to our customers, in the middle of the market and both feet on the ground. That's where FROMM products and services are used and valued.



Lifecycle care

Wherever your are, we are

We are willing to take care of our customers by providing full service to our equipment all around the world. The FROMM group operates globally through more than 40 own offices in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, India, Asia and Australia. As well as a range of specialized long-term sales partners around the world. Wherever you are, FROMM can provide you with technical support, full maintenance service and fast deliveries from their (own) local service centres.

Our dedication is to guarantee an excellent lifespan and operation to all of our machines.

Lifecycle care

FROMM’s Global Lifecycle Care (LLC) service ensures you receive the maximum uptime and longlife of your equipment and installation at the lowest possible TCO. All offered with the highest level of quality and security. 

All FROMM companies offer their local customers the Lifecycle Care program for FROMM machines and strapping tools. From the first consultation, installation and start-up, throughout the entire life cycle – with maintenance, delivery of spare parts and possible upgrades – you can use this program to keep your FROMM products in top condition, limit downtime to the minimum and extend its service life.

Global service concept

For production installations it is essential to keep downtime to a minimum. With the FROMM Lifecycle Care preventive maintenance & service concept, we offer our customers a worldwide full service program for all FROMM equipment and installations. The same applies to response times, stock and deliveries of parts and consumables. This fast, personalized and reliable global service is performed by trained and experienced sales and service engineers, with the goal of adding value to our product solutions.

Visual assistance

As an extension of our FROMM LCC program, we offer our Visual Assistance Service, connecting your workforce with the Smart Visual Assistance APP. This platform provides your service staff with all important data and tools quickly and easily. From document management systems and digital inspections to remote assistance and predictive maintenance solutions. Providing remote service in on-demand situations and support in remote areas.


At FROMM, our innovative technologies, manufacturing processes and industry-leading products all work to benefit the environment – all over the world. We actively strive, within all our capabilities, to develop and produce better products for a better planet.

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The FROMM Group

Established in 1947, FROMM is a market-leading manufacturer with years of experience in the development, sales and service of a wide range of handheld tools and automated systems for securing and protecting transport loads; including strapping, film wrapping and the Airpad® protecing packaging solutions, for extra protection of packaged products.

About the FROMM Group

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